Gift Giving Season

Gift-giving season is in full swing, and we’ll help you by giving you some car care ideas! 

Help your friend or family member out by offering to pay for a service or repair of their car. It’s like a gift card, except it will get used and will help them with their daily activities. Perhaps they have some deferred maintenance that needs attention now. No matter what they do and where they go, they need their car to work for them every day.

Winter is Upon Us

November is Car Winterizing Month

If you live in a climate that sees extensive rain or snow and cold temperatures, you need to consider Winterizing your vehicle. This is a series of steps that are designed to make driving safer for your family during these colder months. It can even make your car less likely to be in an accident caused by someone else!

The areas that require attention are:

Ensure vehicle longevity as well as clean air inside your car

With forest fires being a constant possibility, preparedness is vital. It’s important to have your cabin air filter inspected and changed regularly by Vogel Auto & Diesel, a good rule of thumb is to change your filter during every other oil change! This simple, yet important, service will help ensure vehicle longevity as well as clean air inside the car.

Cold Weather Is Coming

Winterizing your vehicles is very important, surprisingly, only about 30% of drivers “Winterize” their vehicles. This means only 30% of you are saving money during the winter, and who doesn’t like money? In order to winterize your vehicle, you should check a few things routinely and ensure fluids are at certain heights – also, make sure you bring a back-up bag (Including a first aid kit, non-perishable food items, water, blankets, gloves, and anything else you think you might need).

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